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About suZenYoga

suZenYoga, aims to provide people with the resources and supports they need to live the lives they truly want to . . . with Yoga.  We care that people are happy and fulfill their own potential – we’re working on building a more holistic culture for tomorrow.

Month by month we will be developing new programmes, downloadable classes, providing more information, and hope that the community and facilities will grow by people sharing their own yoga experiences with us too.

The website is designed to be organic, you enter via the Ashram and then move into areas of Wellbeing, Living, the Cafe for socialising, Shopping for all things yogic, and the children’s area. Within these sections are downloadable yoga programmes for you to discover and use as the need arises. Yoga is described as a “many threaded tapestry” you can start anywhere and the threads will take you where you’re supposed to go.

Susan realised that, to her, Yoga was more than just teaching Hatha and Raja Yoga classes – she wanted to share its values and insights wider and started working on developing a global online community living with both principles and practice of Yoga. suZenYoga is the outcome and has five precepts:  Spirituality, Understanding, Zen, Energy and Nutrition and these are the basis for the Yoga programs in development which will be downloadable from the site over the next few months – all designed to make our minds and bodies a more comfortable place for our Spirits to dwell while we’re on the path to the potentials of our Souls.

Susan herself discovered Yoga as an everyday part of what she often refers to as her Indian upbringing in Bradford – a well known asian community in Yorkshire, England – Yoga was part of the culture, something she had always had an affinity with and felt she had to pass on by becoming a teacher herself. But it was not until the death of her husband in 2003 that she discovered how she could use her yoga knowledge and practice to carry her through a very traumatic time. Yoga became her therapy and she understood what yoga as a way of living actually meant.

Yoga became a way in which I could experience life and my yoga developed with my experience of life:  I slowed movements down, my practice became more gentle and nurturing, finding peace through breathing and meditation, introducing pillows, blankets and anything else that supported me in my stress. I’ve used this technique now with many students who have illnesses or disabilities. Yoga works with you….its not all about striking a pose….its spiritual…you can speed it up or strengthen it again if and when you are ready”.


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